Sound and annotation

Phonometrica offers a dedicated environment for speech visualization and annotation.

Sound visualization

To visualize a sound file, you need to open it in a sound view. To open a sound view, double-click on a sound file in the file manager, on right-click on it and choose View file from the context menu. When it is opened, the sound view will display the first 10 seconds of the sound file, or the whole sound file if it is shorter than that.

At the bottom of the sound view lies the wave bar: it shows a simplified waveform of the whole sound file, and indicates which part of the file is currently selected. You can select any portion of the wave bar to zoom in on a portion of the sound file: The other plots (oscillogram, pitch track and intensity track) will be adjusted to display the portion you have selected. You can also use the mouse wheel over the wave bar and scroll it up or down to shift the selected window left or right, respectively.

Sound annotation